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Gravity is connected to the Earth’s surface. That is, because of this force, we are able to walk on Earth, but there are some places on Earth where the force of gravity becomes zero and strange types of phenomena are seen.

Through this article, we will know which are the places where the force of gravity does not work or does not spread?

Gravity is the force that binds the Sun and other planets in the solar system. It is the power that binds us and everything to the surface of the earth or pulls us towards the center of the earth.

In simple words, if you bend more you can fall, but where the force of gravity does not work, not when bending.

We all know about Newton’s popular story that when he was sitting under an apple tree, an apple fell on his head and he wondered why an object came down from above.

After which he formulated the law of gravity, according to which, the attraction forces acting between any two particles are proportional to the product of the mass of those particles and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

But there are some places where gravity becomes zero. There are some places on our earth where the force of gravity does not work or cannot spread.

Five places on earth where gravity does not work



1. Cosmos Mystery Area, Rapid City

  • Walking to this place, you will see some trees which mysteriously bend like this mystery area.
    Here you can stand at an angle without falling.
  • With this, the same thing is seen as if the hair is going upwards and not only that, it can also be seen changing the height at the place.


2. Magnetic Hill. Leh

  • It is a small road located about 30 km from Leh to Kargil and is known as the magnetic hill of Ladakh.
  • On this particular section of the Srinagar-Leh highway, you will clearly see the road moving upwards.
  • However, if you turn off the engine and keep your vehicle neutral, it will start running slowly and can go up to 20 kmph.
  • Meaning that even at this place, even if your car is neutral or stopped, it starts going towards the top of the mountain.


3. Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz California

  • The place was discovered in 1939 by a group of surveyors and in 1940, George Prather opened to the public.
  • He says that when he found this place, he felt that some different forces work here.
  • He claims that there is some different type of irregularity in the magnetic field here and this magnetic irregularity is seen in a circular area of ​​150 square feet, also known as a mystery site.
  • This is a place where you will see strange irregularities in gravity like the flow of water upwards, the strange work of the magnetic compass, the change in the shape of people and things. At this place, you can stand at an angle without falling.


4. Spook Hill, Florida

  • It is a place where the vehicle is automatically pulled towards the top of the mountain.
  • If you stop or neutralize your car, you will feel that it is being pulled towards the mountain.


5. St. Ignace mystery spot, Michigan

  • In 1950, while some people were surveying, suddenly their devices mysteriously stopped working,
  • When he made an in-depth survey of the place, he found that it was happening only in an area of ​​300 sq ft. Not only this, animals also avoid coming to this area.
  • Here, due to lack of gravity, some strange types of incidents happen such as standing upright on the wall, many tricks can also be done by people like two legs of a chair on the wall and two in the air, Hannah Odley, stay here for a long time You will feel that your head is getting lighter.

From this article, we know that there are some places on Earth where peculiar phenomena occur and where it happens whether all this is due to lack of gravity or the force of gravity is reduced to zero here.

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