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Telecom Full Forms List Is Here

A list of important “Telecom full forms” is given in detail below. Let’s see full form.

  1. MSC Full-Form:- Mobile Switching Center
  2. MIN Full-Form;- Mobile Identification Number
  3. IVRS Full-Form;- Interactive Voice Response System
  4. IMSI Full Form;- International Mobile Subscriber Identity
  5. GPS Full-Form;- Global Positioning System
  6. GPRS Full Form;- General Packet Radio Service
  7. 3GPP Full Form;- 3rd Generation Partnership Project
  8. BSC Full-Form;- Base Station Controller
  9. GPRS Full Form;- General Packet Radio Service
  10. CDMA Full Form;- Code Division Multiple Access
  11. ISD Full Form;- International Subscriber Dialing
  12. FM Full Form;- Frequency Modulation
  13. GSM Full Form;- Global System for Mobile communication
  14. ITC Full Form;- Independent Telephone Company
  15. WIFI Full Form;- Wireless Fidelity
  16. PCS Full Form;- Personal Communication Service
  17. PCO Full Form;- Public Call Office
  18. SMSC Full Form;- Short Message Service Center
  19. TIA Full Form;- Telecommunications Industry Association
  20. UMTS Full Form;- Universal Mobile Telecommunication System
  21. VLR Full-Form;- Visitor Location Register
  22. PSTN Full-Form;- Public Switched Telephone Network
  23. PPND Full-Form;- Public Packet Data Network
  24. PCS Full-Form;- Personal Communication Services
  25. NPDB Full-Form;- Number Portability Database
  26. NMT Full-Form;- Nordic Mobile Telephone
  27. MTS Full-Form;- Mobile Telephone Service

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