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Today in this post, we will tell you a piece of very important information, this information is very important for all of you to know. Many of you may have heard of North Sentinel Island.

But many people have come to know about it. No information In this post, today we will tell you some important information related to North Watchdog Island such as where the North Watchdog Island is located, what tribes live on it and why this island is different from our world and how the people live here Are. And with this the entire history of the island.

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In today’s post, we will tell you in detail, you must read this post in its entirety and final and if you like this post, please like and share it and if you have any rider or suggestion, You can ask us by commenting in the comment box.

Northern Sentinel Islands

First of all, let us tell you what is North Iceland. Northern Iceland is an island in the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, meaning it is a part of India,

But the people living here do not even know what India is. And what kind of people live in India nor do people here know about our world, for these people only this island of 60 square kilometers is their entire world. People do not know anything about the island to live here.

Also, if our people go to them, they are all aliens in their eyes and this tribe is in great danger from them, so seeing this, they think about killing them or even killing them.

Therefore, no human being is banned by this, the Government of India has banned it. So that these tribes can be protected and the people who went into our world did not lose their lives because these people are very quick to kill arrows and spears and they can kill any human being.

People here live only 50 km from Port Blair International Airport and can also get a base camp of the Indian Navy. Apart from this, these people can get all the modern facilities of the Government of India that we get. But our modern facilities do not matter to people. They want to live in their world and at the same time, these people are happy.

North Watchdog Island Discovery

Who was the first person to discover the north sentinel island, ie what is the history of this island?

1. It is believed that this Iceland was first discovered in the 13th century by the famous explorer Marco Polo. And at the same time, he also said that the people of this tribe do not hesitate to kill people of any caste except those of their own caste.

2. Subsequently, the people of the East India Company say that they had passed through the same Iceland in the session and had seen some movement here.

3. Subsequently, in 1867, the Indian merchant ship was passing by and it was the time of monsoon and there were lots of waves inside the sea. And because of this, the Indian merchant ship collided with a rock, due to which the ship got stuck there.

About 106 people aboard this ship reached the top of Iceland to save their lives. And there they were attacked by the people of Sentinel Island and these people jumped back into the sea to save their lives. And a Royal Navy ship passing by saved all these people.

4. Subsequently, in 1956, a law was enacted by the Government of India to protect this tribe. So that no person from the outside world travels to the region 10 kilometers above this Iceland, which is protected by the Indian Navy because these people have very little immune power.

Because of which if people of our world feel this disease even once, then their death is certain. If we get a cough and cold due to our minor illness, then they die. That is why this law was enacted by the government in 1956 to save this tribe from extinction.

5. In 1974, the National Geography team was given permission to make a documentary on this Iceland. For which he reached Iceland via one of his ships. but
The people of Iceland saw this ship coming towards them and attacked them with arrows and hair. This led to an arrow in the director’s leg and then the documentary was left in the middle and they all went back with their ship.

6. Subsequently, in 1981, once again a ship crashed into a cliff carrying goods. And later the people of Iceland came again to attack him. But the ship was stuck far away.

Due to which the arrows and spears of these people could not reach them and then these people were going to reach these people by making ships. The men of these ships made a radio call and after that, they were safely evacuated by a helicopter and the ship took 10 years to evacuate.

7. In 1991, Trilok Nath Pandit of India reached the people through one of his ships and this was the first time in history when these people did not attack any outsider, Triloknath Pandit gave coconut to these people

Due to which these people were very happy because they loved coconut very much. And there are no coconuts on this island. Due to which these people did not attack Pandit.

8. In 2004 there was a tsunami which caused a lot of devastation and it also caused devastation in Andaman and Nicobar. And because of this, a helicopter from the elite Indian Air Force of the Indian Air Force arrived on the island to see the tribe, but these people attacked them with arrows and bears, leading to speculation that these people would still be Are safe

9. And now on 2018 November 15/16, another new incident has surfaced in which John Allen Chow, an American tourist, said that these people killed him with arrows and bears, although it is forbidden to go here. But John Allan Chow fed some fishermen and reached here.

And then after this, these people kill John Allen Chow with arrows and bears because these people kill everyone. But now it has become very difficult to bring John Allen Chow’s corpse from there. Because whenever these people see an outsider around them.

So they attack him with arrows and bears, but at present, the fisherman who took John Allen Chow has been arrested. Now it will be very interesting to know how finally these people took him to hide from the Indian Navy.

10. By the way, it is believed that these people have been living here for the last 60,000 years and their number maybe around 50 to 400. And these people live on the top of this Iceland, they only eat fruit here. Also, how fast these people are able to move arrows and bears can be gauged from this.

Yes, it is definitely that these people do not know to farm yet. Which the tribals learned long ago. But these people eat only by hunting.

So today, in this post, we have given information related to North Sentinel Island Andaman North Sentinel Island Sentinel Islands Saint Senel Island North Sentinel Island India Island North Sentinel, if you like this post then like and share it. And if you have some questions or suggestions about it. So you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below.

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